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Nature has never been so close

In the channels and creeks of the Biesbosch, lovers of tranquillity and nature can indulge themselves in all seasons!

National Park De Biesbosch

Stay in Europe’s only freshwater tidal area on a log cabin boat. To protect nature, park rules apply in this nature reserve.

Experiencing true adventures

Paddle through shallow green creeks by canoe or SUP. The quieter you are, the more the animals will show themselves. Shhhh…

Relax and discover

In the beautiful countryside, you will naturally disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle. Here it is still really quiet at night and you can see the sun sinking into the water.

Discover the most beautiful wetland nature reserve in the Netherlands!

From the boarding location in Waspik, you sail to the Brabantse Biesbosch within 1.5 hours. The Biesbosch gets its name from the riparian plant mattenbies (lakeshore bulrush), which was widely harvested commercially and used for weaving baskets, floor mats and chair seats. Today, almost everyone knows the Biesbosch mainly as a nature and recreation area. With the log cabin boat, you discover the wetland in a unique way.

The large sailing area full of creeks and channels is located between Hank, Werkendam and Lage Zwaluwe. But waterways change under the influence of weather and tides. Boating in this area is therefore done with the help of an up-to-date water map on which you can easily read water depths. If you want to go even deeper into nature, or discover smaller creeks in peace and quiet, follow one of the canoe or SUP routes. Nature has never been so close!

Not so close are facilities such as shops and restaurants, so bear that in mind before boarding. Bring plenty of groceries, and you will find everything else you need for a stay (electricity, sanitary facilities, full kitchen) on board.

The Biesbosch in brief:

  • Beautiful quiet places in nature to moor and stay overnight
  • Canoe routes through narrow creeks with special plants and animals
  • Perfect location to unwind
  • Perhaps the most beautiful wetland nature reserve in the Netherlands
  • Visit the Biesbosch museum island
  • Animals regularly spotted here include: beavers, roe deer, pine martens, hares, spoonbills, ospreys, kingfishers, deer and foxes
  • Want a break from sailing? You can also do some great hiking and nature fishing here

Staying on the log cabin boat for a week or more? Then you can also possibly sail on to Heusden and the Afgedamde Maas

The Biesbosch is a protected nature reserve, open fire is strictly forbidden, you are not allowed to make a campfire in the Biesbosch! Due to fire hazard, only use a barbecue, fire pit or fire basket that stands on legs, at least 40 cm off the ground. Ensure adequate soil protection measures are in place.


WEEKEND Vertrek vrijdagmiddag volgens tijdschema tot maandagmorgen 10.00 uur.

MIDWEEK Vertrek maandagmiddag volgens tijdschema tot vrijdagmorgen 10.00 uur.

WEEK Vertrek vrijdag of maandagmiddag volgens tijdschema tot vrijdag- of maandagmorgen 10.00 uur.

biesbosch park rules

Sailing routes

The sailing area is located between Hank, Werkendam and Lage Zwaluwe. From Waspik, you sail via ‘t Oude Maasje and the Meuse river to the entrance of the Biesbosch. At Hank you will find the Aakvlaai; from Hank you can go deeper into the Biesbosch, or sail north via the main channel. Note: waterways change under the influence of weather and tides. We will explain to you the ANWB water chart and how to read water depths. You are not allowed to sail in the dark.

Seen enough nature for a while? Then you may also want to visit the fortified town of Heusden or Geertruidenberg.

Biesbosch kano

Even deeper into nature

With a log cabin boat, you cannot enter all gullies due to shallowness. Pick a route on the large map you are given and discover the Biesbosch even more up close by canoe or SUP. Nature in the small creeks is pristine, you will see all kinds of plants, flowers and aquatic animals. The quieter you paddle, the more you will see. Enjoy the peace and quiet, nature has never been so close!

Gnawing beavers alongside

In a number of places in the Biesbosch, you are almost guaranteed to encounter beavers. Look for gnawed and bare branches somewhere on the bank and get close to them with the log cabin boat. The beavers leave their lodge at dusk in search of fresh willow branches to eat.

If you wake up very early in the morning, take a look through the window of the log cabin boat, there is a good chance a beaver is sitting nearby, eating at their leisure. Beavers are generally not very shy, and if you are quiet, they usually just stay put.

National Park De Biesbosch

The Biesbosch has been a protected national park since 1994, partly because it is the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe. Considered by many as one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands, this area is home to tidal forests, creeks and wetlands. Large flocks of waterfowl find food and nesting opportunities here. The water is directly connected to the sea, which causes much of the Biesbosch’s vegetation to flood during high tides.

Lower the poles and enjoy the unique silence and tranquillity!

With the log cabin boat, you can moor wherever you want in the Biesbosch using the spud poles, a very user-friendly mooring system. Listen to the songs of the many bird species found here. If you bring your fishing rod, there is a good chance you will hook a carp, a pike, an asp or a catfish. Do you like hiking? The Biesbosch has many hiking possibilities, from routes on paved paths to wading through the marshy wetlands.

True nature lovers are guaranteed a great holiday on a log cabin boat in the Biesbosch!

Our other locations

Culture & Nature

De Linge

Along this small river you will find historic villages, towns and forts, interspersed with nature that surprises you at any time of the year.

  • Historic villages and peaceful nature
  • Easy sailing, no tides
  • Sleeping in nature or in a marina
  • Experiencing true adventures
The ideal combination

Land van Maas en Waal

Enjoy beautiful unspoilt nature and still have cozy catering options nearby. The land of Maas and Waal has the ideal combination!

  • The ideal combination
  • Spend the night on a natural jetty
  • Easy sailing, no tides
  • Making a campfire and barbecuing
Most versatile location


Our most versatile sailing area with perfect beaches but also nice marinas such as in the fortified city of Heusden where you can moor for the night

  • Most versatile location
  • Making a campfire and barbecuing
  • Sleeping in nature or in a marina
  • Experiencing true adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we rent the boat for 1 day or night?

No, that is not possible. Bookings can be made by midweek, weekend or week. Of course, you may stay fewer nights on the log cabin boat, but you will pay the full price.

How can I book?

On the website, you can enter a location, date and duration in the booking bar (at book your adventure now). When you click on search you will see the available options. Choose an option and click View, you will then be taken to the booking form where you can review and finalise your chosen booking.

How long are the rental periods?

The continuous rental period is a midweek, weekend or week. Changeover days are always Friday and Monday.

Weekend: departure Friday afternoon (according to schedule) until 10.00 on Monday morning.

Midweek: departure Monday afternoon (according to schedule) until 10.00 Friday morning.

Week: departure Friday or Monday afternoon according to schedule until Monday or Friday morning 10:00.

(if you want to go out for more than a week, you can also add this when booking)


Is the included canoe free of charge?

Yes, the canoe is free. You’ll find these at the back of the deck as standard. Would you like to canoe as well as supp and don’t have your own SUP? You can rent a SUP from us: costs €35 per midweek or weekend and €60 per week. Please indicate this when booking, or ask us before departure.

Can a dog come along?

Yes, the additional cost is €25 per boat.

Max. 3 small dogs or 2 large ones, or your cat or any other pet may also come along.

Can you add bedding?

Yes you can, fully made up bedding. For 2 persons € 25 and for 4 persons € 50

Please note, if you do not book this, you will have to bring everything from home, including pillows and duvets, although 2 fitted sheets are always provided.

How many people are allowed on board?

Up to 6 people are allowed on board. There are fixed places to sleep for 4 people, 1 or 2 can sleep on the ground on an air mattress you bring yourself, or you can always put up a tent on shore.

Is there a shower available?

Yes, an outdoor shower with hot water is available. Showering inside is possible almost in every marina.

Is there a down payment?

Yes, the down payment is € 300. This must be paid when placing your booking, which can be done via iDEAL or by bank transfer.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is €250 per boat, which can be paid by debit card or cash on the day of departure

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, you pay €2.50 fuel costs per sailing hour. (The meter only counts actual sailing hours)

By way of indication: fuel costs usually average between €20 and €40 for a weekend or midweek.


What time can I pick up the boat?

You will be sent a time slot by e-mail 10 days before departure. You can confirm this or select a different time slot. Please note that departure times are in the afternoon only! Unable to come on time
on the departure day? Then call the relevant phone number in your booking e-mail.

What time should I return the boat?

You will be expected back at the port between 8:30 and 9:45. Our crew will take over the log cabin boat from you no later than 10:00.

Are you much too late? If so, we will be forced to withhold part of the deposit. Return weekend: Monday between 8:30 and 9:45.

Rather return the boat on Sunday already? This is possible, in consultation, between 17:00 and 19:00

Return midweek: Friday between 8:30 and 9:45.

Do I need a boating licence?

No, you don’t need a boating licence, you will receive comprehensive instructions beforehand, including a trial run.

Can anyone sail a log cabin boat?

Yes, from 18 years of age and up, the log cabin boat is equipped with various aids that make sailing it child’s play.

You get a comprehensive explanation and sailing instruction and trial run on departure, allowing you to start your holiday relaxed.

De Linge

De Linge is best lang!

Wij hadden heerlijk weer op de Linge, in Leerdam het glasmuseum en de glasblazerij bezocht. De boot is knus en alles wat je nodig hebt, is aanwezig. De buitendouche is heerlijk en kan heel warm gezet.

De Linge is prachtig en ook best lang. Na 5 dagen had ik het riviertje van alle kanten bewonderd en was het gezellig terugkeren in Arkel


Vriendinnen Inge & Vera


Tijdens het douchen kwamen er bevers voorbij gezwommen!

Heerlijke midweek in de Bommelerwaard met ons hondje!
Op prachtige plekken geslapen midden in de natuur.
Tijdens het douchen in de buitenlucht kwamen er twee bevers voorbij gezwommen!

Familie Leemans


Het varen is even wennen, maar goed te doen

Wat een geweldige midweek hebben wij gehad op de blokhutboot in de Bommelerwaard met ons gezin met 3 puberkinderen. Het varen is even wennen, maar met de goede instructies en de simpele bediening is dit heel goed te doen.

Familie Hellingman

De Gouden Ham

Veel ijsvogels gespot

Wat een heerlijke week met de blokhutboot in het land van Maas en Waal.

De ontvangst door Burgi was geweldig en alles werd heel duidelijk uitgelegd!

We hebben heerlijke rustige plekjes gevonden en vele ijsvogels kunnen spotten

Nog even een aanrader als je van vogels spotten houdt, neem een verrekijker mee!



De Linge

Volgend jaar weer!

Vorige week gevaren op de Linge voor ons de mooiste locatie tot nu toe. Eerder hebben we Biesbosch en Bommelerwaard gedaan maar wij vonden dit de perfecte combinatie. Prachtige natuur maar toch ook genoeg dorpjes/stadjes.

We hebben genoten, volgend jaar weer, kan niet wachten.


Renske en haar familie


Thuis moesten we gewoon weer wennen aan de drukte

Wat hebben we onzettend genoten van een weekje relaxen met de blokhutboot in de Biesbosch. Juist doordat het niet al te warm was, was het er heerlijk rustig en konden we genieten van de mooie natuur. Weer thuis moesten we gewoon weer wennen aan alle drukte om ons heen. Een aanrader voor iedereen die van rust houdt.


Familie Kiekebos


Fantastisch concept!

Wat een fantastisch concept! 4 dagen samen met mijn zonen en schoondochter heerlijk gevaren en genoten van de prachtige natuur in de Bommelerwaard. Smaakt naar meer!

Familie Servaes


Bijzondere visite

´´Wakker worden van het gekwetter van een koppeltje ijsvogels geen wekker nodig op de blokhutboot en op onze laatste avond hadden we visite van bevers´´

Samantha en Jordy


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