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The log cabin boats are fully equipped. On board, you have access to:

  • A comfortable double bed (140x200cm) with good slatted frame and high-quality foam mattress
  • A dining area that can easily be transformed into sleeping space for 2 people
  • Fully equipped kitchen with 4-burner gas hob
  • Refrigerator (tabletop) with small freezer compartment
  • Sink with cold water
  • Plenty of storage and cupboard space and a large luggage compartment
  • Toilet room with toilet and washbasin with mirror
  • Outdoor shower with hot water on the aft deck
  • Spacious foredeck/terrace with ample seating for 4 to 6 persons
  • 4 patio chairs and 2 outdoor tables
  • There is a heater on board, so don’t worry about getting cold
  • 220V socket to charge your phone, tablet or laptop! Note: only 800W (so not suitable for Senseo and other kitchen appliances)
  • On your departure, we provide 600 litres of drinking water on board, but this is stagnant in a tank so we cannot guarantee that it is 100% clean. Tip: bring drinking water yourself in bottles, or boil the water first if you want to drink it.

Kitchen inventory

6 breakfast and 6 dinner plates
6 bowls
6-person cutlery set
6 lemonade glasses
6 tea glasses
6 coffee mugs

5-piece cookware set
3-piece set of plastic storage bins
2-piece knife set
Whistling kettle
Filter holder for pouring coffee
(bring your own filters and ground coffee!)
Cutting board
Can opener
Bottle opener
Kitchen scissors
Set of cooking utensils (spatula, ladle, etc.)

Washing up
Washing-up bowl
2 tea towels
Welcome pack with washing-up brush, sponge, dishcloth and bin bag

3 rolls of toilet paper
2 hand towels (small)


By default, the log cabin boat is NOT equipped with bedding, duvets and pillows. Fitted sheets are provided for both beds though.

You can book bedding if desired:

  • Beddingset 2 persons € 25,-
  • Beddingset 4 persons € 50,-

Bedding set = duvet and pillows with cover


The deck/terrace has 2 adjustable garden chairs, 2 plastic stacking chairs and two side tables. There is ample seating area for 6 people.

You can enjoy the setting sun here, you may also disembark the chairs.

BBQing is NOT allowed on the deck, take the barbecue with you on the shore. There is NO barbecue on the boat as standard.


To make your stay on board as safe as possible, the following are on board:

  • Smoke detector
  • 6 Life jackets
  • 2 Fire extinguishers
  • Sailing area maps

Emergency telephone numbers for technical questions are listed on the booking form


The log cabin boat has an easy mooring system with so-called spud poles. There are two: one on the bow and one on the stern. The poles are operated with a pulley, when you release the rope the pole lowers and settles on the ground. With this system, you can moor anywhere on shallow water and spend the night safely.

Furthermore, the log cabin boat has the following deck equipment:

  • 4 ropes to secure the boat with
  • An anchor on a long rope


Your faithful four-legged friend can go on holiday with you this year! Dogs and cats, or other small pets are also welcome with us. Up to 3 small or 2 large dogs and/or cats can be taken along.

We charge an additional €25 cleaning fee per boat if there are pets on board.

Canoe (and optional SUP (stand-up paddle))

There is a free 2-person canoe on each log cabin boat as standard. Unfortunately, additional canoes are not available. If you have always wanted to go supping then this is your chance, you can rent an extra SUP with your booking for €35. If so, please indicate this when booking, or on departure.


Select one or more locations

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