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The freedom the boat gives you is amazing!

Mee met Lee went exploring in De Bommelerwaard with her friend. As you have come to expect from us, we met at the boarding jetty in the village of Heerewaarden. After a brief boating instruction, they were ready to start their adventure.

Bommelerwaard is an area located between the rivers Meuse and Waal. The region is characterised by vast meadows, meandering rivers and picturesque villages.

Leanne: “From the landing stage in the village of Heerewaarden, we sailed down the river Maas with the current. This is quite a big river where barges also pass, so we had to be careful! All went well and before we knew it we were sailing into the first recreational lake, the Lithse Ham. A perfect place to moor and admire the Scottish Highlanders or make a campfire on one of the beaches.

A little further downstream, we sailed into a tributary of the Meuse. Here we moored and spent the afternoon, evening and night. So special to moor your boat somewhere in the middle of nature and spend the night there, in the middle of nowhere! As the weather wasn’t great for us, we made ourselves comfortable inside. Playing games and making snacks is just more fun when you can look out of the window and see nothing but water and trees!

Fortunately, by mid-evening it got dry and we were able to go canoeing before it got really dark. It was also time to try out the outdoor shower. It was only a few degrees above zero, so the threshold to take a shower was slightly higher than normal. But once in the shower, I thought it was mega fun! What an experience to stand under a hot shower in the pitch dark and freezing cold.

The next morning we sailed upstream again, back towards the boarding pier. We did make a stop along the way, as we went for a walk to a beaver lodge! Special rodents live in Bommelerwaard and you can really see that: in many places you can see gnawed-off tree trunks. We didn’t spot the beavers, but the beaver tracks certainly did!

We extended the walk a little further and walked along the embankment along the river Waal to the New Fort of Sint-Andries. Here you will find a ruined fort and a watchtower. From the tower you can look out far over the Waal and its floodplains. Highly recommended!

On the way back to the landing stage, we were treated to some truly Dutch pictures; dozens of grazing horses and cows on the banks of the river Meuse with the typical Dutch clouds above. And that was the end of our Blokhutboot adventure. And what did I think of it? Fantastic! The Blokhutboot is spacious and fully equipped, sailing is easy and the freedom the boat gives you is great!”


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