The Zandmeren

Want to hit the playground, go shopping or eat out?

One hour by boat from the boarding location you will find the Zandmeren, one of the lakes in this area created by sand mining. The area has ports, beaches and restaurants, and you can moor in nature to swim or stay overnight.

If you want to moor in the port, you can do so at Jachthaven van Gent. You can then disembark to grab a bite to eat at restaurant Brandend Zand or at Dukdalf restaurant next to the port. In the summer months, you will find the Zandmeren Beach Pavilion opposite Dukdalf and a beautiful new playground. You can also walk to the village from the port for more choice in restaurants, to do some shopping or visit the weekly market on Fridays. Tip in the village: Opa Pietje!

If you do not want to moor in the port, you can also sail left along the ports past the pedestrian ferry and moor the boat behind it somewhere in nature, you can then walk to the restaurants and playground via the pedestrian ferry.

If you like fishing, you are also allowed to fish in this area with a permit, and the many inlets ensure you have many great fishing spots. Perch, zander and pike are common, but you also have a chance of catching a catfish.

Den Bol, Gat van Sientje and Alemse Gat
Beyond the Zandmeren, you sail via Den Bol to the Gat van Sientje and the Alemse Gat. These lakes were created because the curve of the Meuse was once diverted here. The little beaches here are a lovely place to moor and swim. If you lie near some trees you will benefit from the shade. If you moor with the front of the log cabin boat toward the wind near some trees and tall bushes, you will be nicely protected from the wind. You have a good chance of spotting a beaver or kingfisher here.

If you disembark on the Alem side, you can take a nice walk on the clog trail Alemse Pad. Note: the trail can be boggy!


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