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Log cabin boat cruising: our experience and tips!

We asked Sophie Hoebe of to give our log cabin boat a try. From beautiful Maasbommel, she made her first acquaintance with our unique floating log cabin. After a tour of the log cabin boat, we explained in detail how to steer the boat by making a trial run together. They had done some shopping beforehand (tip!) and after unpacking the goodies, it was time to start the adventure! Where the trip went for Sophie? They went from one beautiful spot to another in boating area Land of Maas and Waal. At the end of the day, they looked for a nice sheltered spot to spend the night where they were also treated to a beautiful sunset. Read Sophie’s experiences below:

Very special to spend the night like this in the middle of nature. When you wake up, you have everything on hand to make a delicious breakfast and you can take a (hot!) shower outside on the deck. A very special experience. Then you sail off towards the next adventure!

What else makes the Golden Ham a great (boating) area is its versatility. Apart from very beautiful spots in nature, you will also find jetties at nice restaurants! So you can round off a day on the water with a nice dinner. At many restaurants and jetties there is much more to do, such as renting bicycles or water sports activities and there are playgrounds for children. One of the restaurants in the area even has an escape room and bowling alley! So the Gouden Ham is very versatile and has something for everyone, even with bad weather. Incidentally, this also applies to the towns along the Meuse, where you can easily moor to visit them.

On holiday by log cabin boat: what to bring?

For some, figuring out what to bring along remains a challenge. The Blokhut boats are equipped with all conveniences. As a result, you only need to bring the essentials and groceries.

What matters most is shopping in advance. As mentioned earlier, you will hardly come across any supermarkets along the way. On board, you have a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, so you can basically take anything with you! We BBQ’d one evening, so had stocked up on all the stuff for that. We also brought enough drinks, (instant) coffee, tea, bread and toppings, eggs, chips and other snacks, and dog food because our four-legged friend came with us. On the log cabin boat website, you can find a handy information video showing the entire equipment of the log cabin boat.

Besides groceries, of course you need to think about clothes, check the weather forecast carefully for that. We had beautiful weather, so the bikini went along! But if it is going to be very windy, for example, it is advisable to bring a good windbreaker. Especially on the Meuse, it can get quite chilly! Bed linen can be booked as an option.


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